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Factory Farms Essay

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This paper will address how the digital divide in America affects all of us. Digital divide is the gap between those who have computers with Internet access and those who do not, as well as the gap between those who are computer literate and those who are not.   (Webster Dictionary 2012).   I will attempt to describe the different hurdles and obstacles that we face today with respect to technology; with the United Sates population increasing yearly the need to close the digital divide important and the divide is huge.   Whose responsibility is it to close the worldwide web digital divide?   What role should the education systems play to help close the gap?   This paper will also address the gap based on race/gender income and location.   As we enter the 21st century computers/technology will be a part of our daily lives and we must try to close to digital divide to be competitive in the future.

I grew up in a very large family back in the sixties.   I was the tenth child of my parent’s eleven children consisting of seven boys and four girls. A black and white television with rabbit’s ears and a radio was the norm back in those days.   Computers began to emerge around the mid-seventies; and have rapidly advanced since then the 1970’s.   Many household have at least one computer that has internet access.   Many other families have mulitiple means of getting on-line; for stance laptops, ipads and tablets.   With so much to choose why are there still so many household without this needed technology.
In my oppions the government should play more of a role inThe things I remember the most about my   was that we moved several times. strived at making ends meet with such a large family. Not being very educated my father was only able to work low paying, unskilled, manual labor jobs.   Even though my family did not have very much we still had good times in spite of the bad times. My parents always managed to find a way for us to take a summer vacation to the beach in...

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