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Faizi Essay

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Internal attributes of the organisation that are helpful to achieve the objective.
• Company operates around 100 countries
Unilever operates its operations nearly 100 countries in the world. And they also have 270 manufacturing sites worldwide.
• Strong portfolio of brands
Company has 400 brands all around the world. Most of the brands known as multinational brands but some of them operate in some countries and company calls it local brands. 13 international brands have contribution in sales more than 1 billion Euros. And Unilever top 25 brands account for more than 70% of sales.
• Products of the company
o Personal wash: Lux, Rexona/Sure,
o Laundry: Surf, OMO, Persil,
o Skin care: Dove, Ponds,
o Hair care: Sunsilk,
o Oral care: CloseUp, Pepsodent,
o Deodorants: AXE, Lynx,
o Food and beverages: Lipton, PG Tips,
• Research and development
Company spend huge amount on Research and development worldwide. In fiscal year of 2008 they spent 927 million Euros on R&D.
• Price quality and variety
Unilever has 400 brands worldwide. But brands available in market are with different packaging with different quantities.
• Competitive advantage
• Huge product variety
• Promotion and advertising
• Effective and attractive packaging
• Research and development
• Economy of scale
Unilever operates 270 manufacturing sites around the globe. That is how they can achieve economy of scale easily. It gives competitive advantage to company.

Internal attributes of the organisation that are harmful to achieving the objective.
• Strong competitors
Unilever has strong competition worldwide by multinational. E.g. P&G, Kraft, Nestle, etc
• Substitute products
Unilever operates in 100 countries there are lots of substitute products available in the local market. And company charge higher prices for its products but the local products are much cheaper.

External conditions those are helpful to achieving the objective.
li>Health conscious...

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