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Family Essay

  • Submitted by: Thormund
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Family" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It´s a group of people including children and their parents. People in this “group“ are socially related to each other, for example cohabitation, marraige.

What is ... ?
Kindship: Connection between people that are blood-relationships as mother and her child.
Mrriage: norm individual choice
                legal   constant of a family       Monogamy type
      Polygamy type
Household: A group of people who have a common residence, there is no need to have any kinship or relationship between these people.
Arrange marriage: Popular in Hindu religion, parents choose partners for their children
Nuclear family: Consist of 2 generations living in a same household.
Extended family: It´s something like nuclear family, but there are 3 generations living in the same household.
Single-parent family: In this type of family is child and only on of parents, mum or dad. This families are also called “broken home“ or “broken nuclear family“.
Reconstituted family: Called also “step families“. Children live with their step-parents.
Divorce: Rising in these years. It is when people decide to “cancel“ their marriage.
Why is family important?
It´s important for everyone. Our parents take care of us until we grow up. They teach us many skills needed in life, how to get on and communicate with people. How to be polite, helpful, tolerant etc. They also give us mental and financial support.
What about relation ships?
There are some different relationsships in families. Relation between siblings and between children and their parents is the closest. On one hand we are friends, on the second we should respect them. Then all will be fine. But sometimes there are problems between parents and their kids.
Generation gap: Conflicts may occure in family, because of defferent ideas, mentality, opinions, interest.
Problems between siblings: It is mostly cause, because of different age.
Grandparents: They spoilt their grandchildren. It is, bceause they are...

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