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Family Assessment Essay

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Client name is Sean B. a retired diamond broker, born March 23th 1941. He lives with his wife Tara B. a home maker, born February 16th 1947.   Place of birth Georgetown, Guyana. African American male married with 3 children of the Anglican faith. Client’s chief complaint is dizziness mainly in the morning hours upon rising, he newly diagnose with HTN. PCP is L. McIntosh MD. Client is allergic to Penicillin. He is responsible for his ADL’s. Past medical history of diabetes, he is also overweight as per BMI. Client states that “I’m healthy considering most of my companions are severely ill, dead or suffers from dementia.” Client is obese, 5’ 9” in height, well groomed; face unshaven. “Trying to grow a beard, a new look of sorts.” States S.B. Client S.B. has 3 children with his wife Tara. S.B. is of the Guyanese decent. Client has been in the United States since he was 15 years old. He met and married his wife at age 25, on November 1966. She is of American Indian decent but was born here in New York. S.B. raised his children to appreciate & embrace both him and his wife’s culture.   Sean junior is the oldest, Marilyn the middle, and Sherwin, the youngest all live in Brooklyn, NY with their families. Sean junior is a Registered Nurse, have two children (Donella a student born July 10th, 1999 & Mark a student born November 2nd 2006), from his current wife Simone a CNA born June 24th, 1970.   Marilyn is a social worker born November 13th 1970 has one child (Jennifer a student born September 4th, 2005) out of wedlock. Sherwin is a Physical Therapist born August 3rd, 1977 has one child (Roshuana a student born April 29th 2007)   from his current wife Marica a home maker born October 8th 1981.

II. Patterns of Daily Living
S. B. and his wife looks physically healthy, he stated that they aren’t suffering from any severe illnesses due to poor eating habits. He is overweight but not morbidly so; his wife is slim but appears well nourished. He stated that due to his diagnosis...

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