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Fascism in Italy and Germany Essay

  • Submitted by: oxjennbabyy23
  • on November 12, 2012
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Fascism in Italy and Germany
Fascism started after World War I, when the world was in shambles and people were confused as to what to do next. Both Hitler and Mussolini gained power where and when they did for several reasons. Fascism is a political philosophy based on several different things, but includes opposing every other type of politics, the belief that the state is greater than the individuals, and the belief in authoritarian leadership. In my opinion, fascism started in Germany and Italy when it did because of the economic state of the country, the devastation and fear of the people within the countries, and the use of both Hitler and Mussolini’s charismatic personalities. People of both Italy and Germany no longer trusted their own governments and had nowhere else to turn, so they decided to give fascism a fair shot.
Both Italy and Germany came out of World War I with severely weakened economies. At the time, Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany took advantage of their own countries dire situation. Although neither came into power automatically or easily, they manipulated their countries’ economic situations to gain power “respectfully.” According to Robert Paxton, (page 92) “Hitler’s opportunity came around with the next crisis: the economic crash of the 1930s.” Basically, Paxton is saying that Hitler was utterly lucky with the timing around which he tried to take power, which I agree with completely. I believe Hitler came into power at a time where Germany’s economy was in sheer chaos, and people weren’t sure where to turn to fix it. Mussolini also came into power at a time where Italy’s economy was failing. People in both countries did not know what to do in order to fix the economic situation, so they allowed both Hitler and Mussolini to take power practically legally.
Paul Valery says “we hope vaguely, we dread precisely; our fears are infinitely more precise than our hopes” (page 305). This was written shortly after World War I, when both...

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