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Ferdinand Magellan Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Ferdinand   Magellan was born in the year 1480 in Minho, a   northern province of Portugal.   Magellan was the third child of Dom Roy and Donha Alda Magalhaes.   His dad was high sheriff of the city and district of Aviero, south of the city Porto on the Atlantic.   Magellan grew up with his sister Isabel and brother Diogo.   When he was 12, he and his brother attended Queen Leonora’s School of Pages.   Magellan is best known as the first person to command an expedition to circumnavigate the Earth.   During the expedition, he discovered the southernmost part of South America later called the strait of Magellan.   He was also the first to sail across the Pacific Ocean which he named and discovered the Philippines and proved the Earth was round.

      John II, the King of Portugal, was a great supporter of marine exploration.   Magellan developed qualities of a true leader and a desire for exploration during his years in the East.   He was the kind of person who could remain calm, but one who preferred to   explore.   In July of 1511, Magellan captained a lot of ships to a unknown destination which was probably the East Indies.   While he was traveling, Magellan was convinced that there was another way to the spice islands, he thought he could get there by sailing West from Spain like Christopher Columbus.   Magellan was told of a passage around South America from his friend John of Lisbon.

      When Magellan came back to Portugal in the year 1512, he found no support from the King after King John II, Manuel I, who didn’t like exploring as much so Magellan sailed to Spain in October of 1517, hoping to tell King Charles I.   Magellan’s best contact in Spain was a man named Diogo Barbosa, a Portugese sea captain who had made a lot of money in the Asian spice trade and was now the governor of the castle of Seville.   Magellan married Diogo’s daughter, Beatriz in December of 1517, this marriage made Magellan very happy and it also gave him a son, Rodriogo.

      After the king...

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