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Fertility Decline Essay

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In this study, I   try to present some theories, which is developed by demographers to explain demographic transition in the light of social and economic condition.I focus on the impact of radical events such as industrialization, agricultural revolution, the rural, urbanization which is changed the structure of societies and how this events influence the people decisions about fertility behavior during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.Also try to make comparrison between theories to discuss advantages and disadvantages and limitation of this theories which is related with demographic transition.

Key Words:Demographic Transition, Theory, Fertility

Demographic transition model is one of the most widely used model to describe demographic transition and the changes of indicators. In other words, the process of demographic transition examine various aspects of population, such as; births, deaths, marriages. This model divides change in the levels of fertility and mortality into four main periods.
At the first term birth and death rates were high and at the balance. There was the traditional lifestyle based on agriculture. Due to medical disabilities lack of education, early marriages, high fertility and high mortality rates the long term population growth was slow. At the second term, the high birth rates and decreased death rates the population increased rapidly. By the industrialization modern lifestyle of societies began. At this period, because of improvement in health conditions and food supply there has been a large increase in population. At the third but not the last term, both the birth and the death rates have decreased. As a result of this change, population growth rates begins to decrease. In consequence of the industrialization and modernization, migration began level of the population growth in the cities start to   increase. Another reason of this chance has been moving away from traditions and development in...

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