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Fht4 Task 5 Essay

  • Submitted by: lsdhorton
  • on October 6, 2012
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western governors university |
Human Development and Learning |
Fht4 task5 |
7/19/2012 |

In a jigsaw classroom, the students teach one another and the teacher assist them in doing so.   This technique produces interdependence between students that reduces racial tension s and allows the students to have a better learning environment in the classroom.   Students will develop a deeper understanding of interdependence within ecosystems by examining how plants and animals interrelate in a saltwater marsh.
First, I will divide the students into jigsaw groups of 5 or 6 depending on class size.   To divide the students I will form ability groups.  
Rationale:   The groups will be diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, and race, but not in ability.   Ability groups, group together students with comparable, backgrounds, grades, interests, or abilities.   A difference of ability grouping status grouping, in which you bring together students from low, high, and middle academic achievement groups.
Next, I will choose the same number in each group as the leader.  
Rationale:   This will ensure us that no one over runs the group and encourage students to work together and get along.
Then, I will assign one segment to each group member, making sure students have materials only to their own segment.   Each student who is a one will be researching cord grass.   Students who are two's will research tides in the marsh.   Students who are threes will research the salt-water marsh animal, the diamond-back terrapin.   Students who are fours will research marsh hay.   Students who are fives will research gills, and students who are sixes will research marsh burrows.  
Rationale:   This will encourage student teaching, and get all students actively involved because everyone has a major part.  
After I assign the segments, I will give the students time to read over, review their segment at least twice, and become familiar with it, but not long enough to memorize it....

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