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Fibromyalgia Essay

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      Fibromyalgia syndrome is a condition that is accompanied by chronic pain, tenderness and painful response to pressure on joints muscles. Fibromyalgia is associated with psychiatric conditions like depression, anxiety and disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder (Baron, Perrot, Guillemin, Alegre, Dias-Barbosa, Choy & Arnould, 2014). Patients often experience fatigue, stiff joints, sleep disturbances and memory problems among other symptoms. Fibromyalgia has become a common phenomenon in recent years with the number of people diagnosed with the ailment in the United States rising by the day. In particular, the number of women diagnosed has been observed to exceed the male population (Baron et al, 2014).
      This research study carries out a detailed evaluation of available data on shared causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Fibromyalgia in order to furnish medical personnel, patients and other interested parties with relevant information on the disease. The methodology applied in this research involves the use of secondary sources of information such as journals, publications and other similar studies and experiments done on the illness. The findings of this study are based on the analysis and summary of the research done regarding the areas of interest.
      This study pegs the causes of the illness to genetics, trauma and hormonal changes (Birse, 2014). In addition, it confirms the finding that the illness is highly prevalent among women with over 80% of those diagnosed being women with relatives diagnosed with the illness. Furthermore, diagnosis and treatment of the illness requires experts who have handled such cases before and availability of definite symptoms. The experts include rheumatologists, doctors, and physical therapists (Tristano, 2013).
      Professionals in the medical field have to deal with diverse conditions and chronic syndromes that have troubled mankind for several...

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