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Fiction Writers Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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Stranger than Fiction






Fictional writing is an essential component in the literary work. Fiction writers exhibit a lot of creativity and talent in coming up with their stories. The writers are important members of the society.Apparently, despite their contribution to the literary world; they are not looked upon with awe and admiration. (Palahniuk, Stranger than fiction).This paper seeks to explore the lives that these writers lead,their views on how the society treats them and the quality of earnings from their writings.

      Chuck Palahniuk does an exemplary job in ‘Stranger than fiction’. The piece employs the use of realistic characters for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Marylyn Monroe. (Palahniuk)There is also the use of places such as Los Angeles which are real, and this particular piece has the aspect of originality. The piece has high literary merit value because it relates values that reflect an era of American life.

      Reading this piece was a little disturbing. The author seems to go to extreme heights in a bid to fit into a new culture. He for instance tries to acquire a new pumpkin-colored polo shirt so that he remains relevant in Southern California when he finally goes to Hollywood. I could not help but sympathize with the author when I learnt how he got the infection on his head. He was so focused on how his looks would influence his ratings.   He failed to interpret simple instructions on a men’s depilatory tube. The pain that he endured, overnight bleeding and the clear fluid draining from his wounds were not worth it. The author struck me as ignorant and careless. The infection on his head was serious going by his description. Yet he cannot seek proper medical attention. Instead he used toilet paper over his ‘swelled up skull’. (Page 203).He struggled to keep up with the pace in Hollywood. His residence faded in comparison with his hotel bathroom. This infuriated me...

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