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Figil Essay

  • Submitted by: gangstarab22
  • on October 19, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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CHEM 213


All reactions must show mechanism arrows.
All resonance forms must show resonance arrows.
Justify all answers.

Complete the following reactions (place the curved arrows in them).(6 points)

Explain why water would not be a suitable solvent for this reaction. (the solvent, water, is the chemical above the arrow). (6 points)

Order the following molecules from most acidic to least acidic.


> > >

In 1967, C.J. Perdersen while working at Du Pont performed the following reaction. (12 points)

He obtained a nice white crystalline product. The IR of the product is shown below:

  a) Did Pedersen obtain the expected product? (Justify your answer).

  b) Based on the IR which functional groups are present?

  c) Elemental analysis and mass spectroscopy allow us to determine that the product is C20H24O6.   Propose a possible product for this reaction that is consistent with the formula and the IR. (Pedersen received the Nobel Prize in 1987 for the synthesis of this class of compounds).

Match the four molecules with their corresponding IR.
A       B C     D

Name the following molecules:

Draw the molecules corresponding to the following names




Nomenclature: Name the following molecules.

Nomenclature: Draw the structure of the following molecules.

Predict what the diagnostic region would look like for the following two molecules.

How would you know if the following reaction occurred using IR spectroscopy.

Example | Functional Group | Diagnostic IR (cm-1) |
| Alkane | 2850-3000 (CH) |
| Alkene | 3000-3100 (CH)1600-1700 (C=C)1450-1600...

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  • Submitted by: gangstarab22
  • on October 19, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 344 words
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