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File Management Paper

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File Management Paper
                                                                                              Using UNIX OS
                                                                                              Michael R Riebe
                                                                                      Instructor: Caleb Green
                                                                                              Class POS355
                                                                                  11/06/2012 to 12/06/2012

                In this paper I will discuss a situation, in which not all users for a company will have access to a particular file. How one would specify a protection scheme for this particular endeavor. In my research I found that this is not an ideal situation. In fact it is more of a possibility, rather than a real-time situation. The reference will be done through the UNIX operating system file management set up. For a company with 5000 users, of which 4990 will be granted access to a file, the other ten will be denied access to this file.
            From the research there are two possible solutions to this situation. Is by using group sets, you put 4990 users in one group and the other ten in a different group. Then you set the groups sets accordingly. This scheme cannot always be implemented since each user groups are restricted by the system. Special instructions need to be included in the access file management portion of the system. Meaning additional set up protocols need to be addressed.
              The universal access information applies to all users unless the name in the access-control list with different access permission. With this scheme you simply put the names of the remaining ten users in the access control list. With no access privileges allowed.
              You set by the UID and GID. Provided with any (UID, GID) combination. It is possible to build a complete...

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