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Fin 571 Week 2 Wileyplus Practice Quiz New Essay

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  • on August 4, 2015
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FIN 571 Week 2 WileyPLUS Practice Quiz NEW

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Multiple Choice Question 53
Which one of the following statements about trend analysis is NOT correct?
It allows management to examine each ratio over time and determine whether the trend is good or bad for the firm.
This benchmark is based on a firm's historical performance.
The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System is used to identify benchmark firms.
All of these are true statements.

Multiple Choice Question 68
Coverage ratios: Sectors, Inc., has an EBIT of $7,221,643 and interest expense of $611,800. Its depreciation for the year is $1,434,500. What is its cash coverage ratio?
None of these
14.15 times
15.42 times
18.34 times

Multiple Choice Question 68
Multiples analysis: Turner Corp. has debt of $230 million and generated a net income of $121 million in the last fiscal year. In attempting to determine the total value of the firm, an investor identified a similar firm in Jacobs, Inc., an all-equity firm. This firm had 150 million shares outstanding, a share price of $14.25, and net income of $182 million. What is the total value of Turner Corp.? Round to the nearest million dollars.
$1,715 million
$1,651 million
$1,421 million
$1,191 million

Multiple Choice Question 46
Coverage ratios, like times interest earned and cash coverage ratio, allow
a firm's creditors to assess how well the firm will meet its interest obligations.
a firm's creditors to assess how well the firm will meet its short-term liabilities other than interest expense.
a firm's management to assess how well they meet short-term liabilities.
a firm's shareholders to assess how well the firm will meet its short-term liabilities.

Multiple Choice Question 54
Peer group...

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