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Finacial Reporting Essay

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Financial Reporting Problem, Part 2
Patricia Fardellone
June 28, 205
Richard Brogan

Financial Reporting Problem, Part 2
    In part 1 I chose the Pepsi Corporation (PepsiCo) for many different reasons. One is because this company is one of the largest companies and because this is my favorite soda. In part 2 of this report, I will continue with the finance of this company. PepsiCo is known for the beverage distribution and is one of the two top soft drink companies in the world. The beverage was started in the 1800’s in a drug store, and the original name was “Brad’s Drink. Around 1898, the drink was introduced to the open market. Later on down the road the beverage was changed to Pepsi. The PepsiCo would be considered a very large company and has many assets and liabilities. If you were an investor, you would be very interested in this company because of the outstanding performance they have (PepsiCo History. (2015). 
    In a company this big the current assets are crucial to any company. Large companies like PepsiCo they expect the assets from the balance sheet to be turned to cash or either be used within a year of its operational cycle. Most large businesses they cut off date for current assets are one year from the date the balance sheet was created. This allows the company to use these assets to support their repetitive operation. An example of this would be the company can use these assets to pay off their current bills. The most common type of assets would be cash, securities, prepaid expense and left over inventory in which the company can turn over for cash.
    The PepsiCo Company classifies their assets in the general order. The first thing it has is their current assets which are listed with the total current assets. Then they are followed by their long-term investments, plant property, and the equipment. The company’s other long term asset charges and total assets(PepsiCo 2015 Annual Report. (2015). 
    The cash equivalent is...

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