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Financial Analysis

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Founded in 1981, in industrial processing and manufacturing community, e.g medical device.
Our group will try to analyze
financial statementsand assess the performance of the company using threeprimary sources financial data in Exhibit 1 & 2. We analyzethe health of company financial using
9 steps of thecorporate financial system
with a suggested step by stepprocess to assess whether it will remainin balance over theensuing 3-5 years

Refer to financial statements of SciTronics we will answer three broad question:
1.What is the assessment of the performance of SciTronicsduring the 2005-2008 period?
2.Has its financial strengths and its access to externalsources of finance improved or weakened?
3.What are the 2-3 most important questions we would askmanagement as the result of your analysis?

1.SciTronic Performance can be categorized as health company
because its profitability ratio that increase during the 2005-2008period.
2.SciTronics financial strength and its access to external sources its
improved.this can be seen from the financial ratios like profitability
ratios and leverage ratios.
3.Questions that would ask for managementa.What will the management plan to maintain total current liabilitiesthat had been increase during period time 2005–2008b.Did the company will continous expand their fix asset such asproperty and equipment.

SciTronics must always be aware based on data from financial statement,they should always keep their finance in optimum profit e.g for companyexpansion or investor trust

is electric utility company because have a
big number of property and equipment butless inventories.
is Japanese automobile manufacturer because have a big number of cash,property and equipment and also have thelargest inventories.
is Upscale apparel retailer because havea big number of cash and inventories
is Disc...

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