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Finding The Correct Grip To Apply Spin On a Tenni Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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Finding the Correct Grip to Apply Spin on a Tennis Ball

Tennis is a game a lot of people have come to enjoy and love to play. Many accomplished players such as William’s sisters, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer give players the drive to want to be able to play as well as professionals play. Watching these inspiring players at Wimbledon, French Open and the U.S. Open lets viewers be able to witness their techniques and game strategies. The most common technique that professional tennis players use is different forms of spin. Using spin takes time not only to learn but to become comfortable using. Putting the correct grip on the tennis racquet, allows for players to use three different forms of spin, when changing their grip, which will increase their chances of winning.
When learning to play tennis, the different forms of hitting the tennis ball may seem complicated. However, it really isn’t because when you hit the ball once with a specific form it will become second hand. A specific grip is important for hitting the ball with spin! When getting used to the different grips, it is ok to feel uncomfortable. When hitting the ball with topspin, backspin, and sidespin will allow players to realize how beneficial spin is during a match, and it’ll take time to become accustomed to spin.
Grip is the first thing a player should consider when applying spin. There are seven different types of grips commonly used. Out of these seven, only three are used directly for applying spin. The three grips are an Eastern forehand grip, Semi-Western grip, and Western grip. There are several ways to explain how to find a specific grip, but the easiest and most reliable was is to use the base knuckle of your index finger as the main reference point (Levey, 2006). This technique will benefit players to think quickly during a match when wanting to change to a specific grip to apply spin.    
For the Eastern forehand grip, the simplest way to get this grip down is to place the hand...

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