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Fingerprint Development Essay

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ll. Historical Development
C. Sir William Herschel- The English began using fingerprints July of 1858, when Sir William James Herschel, first used fingerprints on native contracts. On a whim, and without thought toward personal identification, Herschel had Rajyadhar Konai, a local businessman, impress his hand print on a contract. As his fingerprint collection grew, Herschel began to note that the inked impressions could, indeed, prove or disprove identity. While his experience with fingerprinting was admittedly limited, Sir William Herschel's private conviction that all fingerprints were unique to the individual, as well as permanent throughout that individual's life, inspired him to expand their use.
D. Jan Evangelist Purkyn- In 1823, John Evangelist Purkinje, anatomy professor at the University of Breslau, published his thesis discussing nine fingerprint patterns.
E. Alphonse Bertillon- . Alphonse Bertillon, a Clerk in the Prefecture of Police of Paris, France, devised a system of classification, known as Anthropometry or the Bertillon system this system included length of body parts.   He later introduced Fingerprints but relegated them to a secondary role in the category of special marks.  
F. Sir Edmnd Richard Henry- The United Kingdom Home Secretary Office conducted an inquiry into "Identification of Criminals by Measurement and Fingerprints."   Mr. Edward Richard Henry (later Sir ER Henry) appeared before the inquiry committee to explain the system published in his recent book "The Classification and Use of Fingerprints."   The committee recommended adoption of fingerprinting as a replacement for the relatively inaccurate Bertillon system of anthropometric measurement, which only partially relied on fingerprints for identification.

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