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First Time Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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October, 24 2010
First Time
In life there are millions of “first times” and one that vividly sticks out in my mind was the first time I was faced with making an adult decision. There are plenty of times as a teenager where you have to decide, to stay out late or get that homework that’s due for tomorrow done. To eat your pride and say you’re sorry or stick with it and get grounded. However, an adult decision is much more complicated, it takes consideration, planning, and sometimes prayer.
For me I can remember it like it was yesterday, sitting in my apartment, hand to my forehead, dressed in my McDonald’s uniform almost ready to leave for work. The thought that kept driving my stress level through the roof was “how the hell am I going to pay this rent”.   It was the 30th of September and rent was due by four o’clock the following evening, and on top of that I was a hundred dollars short. I went through option on top of option, trying to come up with a miracle solution to what seemed to be the impending loss of my apartment. I didn’t have parents I could run to because my mother had passed away seven months and sixteen days to the date and my father had kicked me out and cut me off based on the fact that him and his new wife wanted to start their new life together, free of emotional baggage or anything that reminded him of my mom.  
I headed to work driving that same road I drove every day I began to drift off in my mind. My thoughts went to so many different places. I ran my fingers through my hair then grabbed the steering wheel again and noticed the sort of tan line on my finger from my grandpa’s wedding ring. I immediately thought of the story my mom had told me about my grandparents wedding and their difficulties paying for it on their own as a young couple. My grandpa at the time bought rings that he could afford for the wedding and then years later got much nicer rings. His ring was an 18 karat gold band and he gave it to me when my grandma passed...

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