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Five Functions of Management Essay

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Five Functions of Management
Arnitra Douglas
Management for Organizations (BAC1247A)
Debra Stewart
January 7, 2013

Five Functions of Management
    In today’s world every business should use and master the five functions of management to have a successful business and accomplish the mission and vision of the company.   The five functions of management consists of: planning, leading, organizing, controlling and staffing.   In this paper, I will discuss each function of management and give examples on how to use them in your personal and work life.
    One of the most crucial aspects of management in any organization is planning.   Planning is a systematic process in which managers make decisions about future activities and the key goals that the organization will pursue (Reilly, Minnick 2009).   Each business has a desired goal that they are working towards to keep the business moving forward.   The place that I work for helps individuals find jobs and provide unemployment for individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own.   An example of planning is when Hurricane Katrina occurred, my employer had to do strategic planning to plan how to handle the large volume of calls that we would be receiving from individuals that needed to file unemployment because they were unable to work due to the storm.   Our executive team meets regularly to plan the agency different tasks that need to be accomplished.   Everyone needs to have some type of plan in place whether it’s in your personal life or on the job to avoid poor performance.
    Leading is the ability to get employee’s to achieve the goals of the company in the most effective way.   Leaders inspire others, provide necessary emotional support, and work to rally employees around a common goal or vision (Reilly, Minnick 2009).   Leading can be complicated because it involves dealing with individuals of different kind.   Leadership is usually concerned with what needs to be done; management often focuses...

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