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Flawed Law: the Scarlett Letter

  • Submitted by: jmiller207207
  • on September 20, 2012
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In the critical review of The Scarlett Letter, “The Scarlett Letter of the Law: Hawthorne and Criminal Justice”, by Laura Hanft Korobkin, Korobkin shows the reader the errors in the criminal justice system used throughout the book, and analyzes the various punishment choices that the magistrates employ. The raging political problems of the day are also discussed. Throughout the book, the magistrates are put in complete and total power over Hester Prynne’s destiny. Korobkin argues that in an actual Puritan society, a jury would have the real power and the magistrates would simply oversee the trial. She says that though the townspeople mutter and disagree with some of the magistrates’ choices, they ultimately have no say in the outcome of the trial and must always unhesitatingly obey. As Korobkin is giving details about the trial system she explains: “The colony’s criminal justice system had been intentionally structured to counterpoint magistratical power with the peer-group power of grand and petit juries and elected legislators who were not magistrates” (427). Korobkin also analyzes the choice of punishment that the magistrates decide on for Hester Prynne. They are surprisingly lenient with her only receiving an “A” on her chest. In Puritan society, any form of adultery would result in death for all parties involved, or at least forty lashes and a letter “A”. Korobkin states that the reason Hawthorne chose for Hester not to be whipped is because Hawthorne did not want to relate Hester’s punishment with that of a slave. The lenient punishment Hester receives allows the reader to see the kinder side of the all-powerful and evil magistrates.
Laura Hanft Korobkin makes strong claims, provides pertinent evidence, and makes justified warrants1 throughout her entire article. I can honestly say that I agree with almost everything she says. The way in which she argues is excellent as well. On very effective form of writing that she uses is summing her previous statements...

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