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Floence Nightingale Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Florence Nightingale
Nursing has been a general occupation since the beginning of time. The history of nursing can be traced back to the roots of the nuns and military personnel. During times of war, women were chosen specifically to tend to the needs of injured soldiers. Those women or better known back then as caregivers, were not professionally trained like the nurses today. The nurses worked in conditions that were not good for the wounded soldiers. Back then, nursing was seen as a very low end job for women. Women had reputations for being drunk and obnoxious, but changes were made thanks to a woman named Florence Nightingale. She was known as the first person to be credited as a nurse. Of course as a future nurse, I should know all about this. I never had the opportunity to learn about the background of nursing, but now I have the chance.
Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. She was the youngest out of two children. Her family came from a wealthy background and was associated with the elite social circles. Florence’s mother name was Frances and she came from a family of merchants. Frances often enjoyed having various conversations with people from well known social standings. Despite her mother’s interest Florence disliked the social attention. She tried her best to avoid any social situation that her mother was involved in. The two often clashed due to her mother being overly controlling.
On the other hand, Florence’s father name was William. He was a wealthy landowner who controlled two estates. Florence was raised on one of the estates which was located in Hampshire, Embley Park. William provided her with a classical education that consisted of learning German, French and Italian. But as a young child, Florence was more interested in philanthropy and preaching to people around the neighborhood. By the age of sixteen, Florence   already made it clear that she wanted to become a nurse. She believed that God wanted this to be...

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