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Flowers for Algernon Essay

  • Submitted by: Blairgirl
  • on October 20, 2013
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Intelligence may affect your personality, as well as the way others may treat you. In the book, Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordan a 37 year old man with a mental disability, receives an operation to triple his intelligence. Before the operation, Charlie is simple minded, naïve, and superstitious. After the surgery, Charlie becomes Lonely but determined. Charlie’s personality changes throughout the story.
Before the procedure, Charlie’s personality traits include being superstitious and naïve because of his low intelligence Charlie shows being superstitious when he takes the good luck charms in with him during his surgery. “I hope I got luck. I got my rabbits foot and my lucky penny and my horse shoe.” Having these good luck charms makes Charlie believe his surgery will be a success. Charlie shows being naïve when he thinks that his “friends” are just being funny when they are actually making fun of him. Charlie doesn’t understand that his friends are not actually being nice but that they are bullying him.
Charlie changes rapidly after the procedure, he becomes lonely and begins to sit in his apartment and read more and more every day. “I am alone in Mrs. Flynn’s boarding house most of the time and seldom ever speak to anyone anymore. “In addition Charlie also shows determination. He shows this when he says “I know I should stop but I’m driven by something inside me that won’t let me stop I’ve got to find the reason for the sharp regression in Algernon”.
Charlie’s personality changes as a result of gaining intelligence. Charlie changes throughout the story for the reason that in the beginning he did not understand why people always laughed at him. After the operation Charlie finally realized that his friends were actually making fun of him. Another example of Charlie changing is before the surgery Charlie thought that he would never get smart so he didn’t even really try. But after the operation Charlie shows a want to learn and becomes determined to gain...

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