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Flvs Us History Essay

  • Submitted by: caseyjp
  • on August 5, 2015
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The United States predicted conflicts with Spain and planned for war. The United States decided to send the USS Oregon to Cuba. This Voyage was set to last over 60 days and required numerous stops for the restock of coal. By the time the USS Oregon had reached Cuba the war had already begun. This occasion passed the knowledgeable plan to the United States to create the Panama Canal.
The Panama Canal would be able to transport supplies quick and efficiently. The Panama Canal connects the Oceans. This prodigious project was originally started by the French in 1881. They had multiple issues and failures in creating the Canal and eventually went bankrupt in the process. The United States swooped in and saved the day by agreeing to complete the Panama Canal. There were some complications with the Columbians, which were resolved by the Panamanians with the United States support.

The United States commenced in the construction of the Canal in 1904. The labor force from the West Indies helped increase the construction. There wasn’t the greatest of weather with rainfall and a temperate climate- which made the days last longer. The rainfall caused the Chagres river to flood and the solved this conflict by creating a dam. Malaria and yellow fever come about during the construction amongst many other tropical diseases. They again found the problem and attacked head on. As soon as the disease carrying mosquitoes’ conflict was resolved, workers were safe and back to work. More than 5,000 workers were killed and injured during the construction of the Panama Canal.  

The end results of the building of the Panama Canal cost the United States over $375 million dollars. On the bright side, they finally had a 40 mile path that subtracted the travel between the east and west by 8,000 nautical miles. It was officially open...

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