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Food Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Food is a basic necessity that is required by all living things in order to sustain life.It basically provides energy and nutrients needed by the human body to function properly.Food is something that most of us take for granted as for us,food is not something so extraordinary. When we talk about food shortages and malnourishment, the first thing that we think about would be the poor countries such as in Darfur where famish is a common thing. We do not relate this problem with us as we are living in a food available environment. However the fact is, the problem of food shortage can it us anywhere at any given country . The main cause of this problem is far too often the Government of that particular country.

  Every year, about 3 million children die before they reach the age of 5. This occurs due to the effects of malnourishment and the majority of deaths are caused by a long term chronic hunger. The question to this uncomprehendable fact is , how could it possibly happen? How can it be that the food is not available throughout the world and such number of death can occur? The answer lies in the core of that particular country involved in this problem. One example is Nigeria. Now , many of us think of Nigeria as a poverty stricken country but we are quite wrong. Nigeria is actually the world’s eighth largest oil producing country.However, its people now suffers as the government cannot feed the 140 million people. Why is the government to be blamed for this problem? The answer is simple.Nigeria was once a major agricultural exporter. This means that the country produced more food than it needed and was able to supply it to importing countries. But that was before oil was discovered.

The government immediately changed its policy and turned the country into an industrial major, neglecting the large plantations and farms in order to get the rich oil. As a result, today, about 90% of its agricultural output comes from...

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