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Food Intake Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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A food diary can help to assess nutrients taken in, shed light on why you are gaining weight despite training for a marathon and   shock you into health once you see just how terribly you have been eating.   Starting a food diary is an integral step for the beginner and a great tool to assist in lifestyle changes.
Protein, Carbohydrates and Lipids
It is important to understand what protein, carbohydrates and lipids do for our bodies so that when we eat foods that contain these nutrients we are sure to eat sufficient quantities.   A while back I decided to change the way I eat in order to train for a marathon. In doing this I needed to determine what my daily intake rate should be.   My daily intake is dependent upon my height, weight and level of physical activity.   Using the iprofile to do the math for me I found that it I should consume 75-264g of protein, 339-490g Carbohydrates and 67-117g of fats daily.
To change a lifestyle of overeating or eating the wrong things I had to determine what levels of proteins, carbs and lipids I needed to lose weight.   Proteins are the major component of all cells in our bodies. They are needed for the growth and development of bones and muscles; and immunity to fight infections. In my diet I consume large amounts of protein.   These proteins are in the form of fish.   I eat salmon primarily and chicken.   I also eat a medley of seafood such as shrimp, muscles scallops and calamari.   Providing my body with the fuel it needs for physical activity and proper organ function; carbohydrates have been and will always be my favorite, however I have learned that portion control is key to maintain a balanced diet.   Recently I saw that I was gaining weight while training and this concerned me.   A personal trainer friend of mine suggested that I banish starchy carbs from my diet for three days and on the fourth day I eat the starchy carbs.   So the three days that I recorded in iprofile represent my attempt at this change in my diet.   On the...

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