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Food Safety Essay

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Ready-to-eat food has become widely available – it can be found at most grocery stores and markets. Recently, people tend to eat more ready-to-eat foods because of its convenience and efficiency. However, recent news has reported several claims that these ‘ready to eat’ meals are detrimental to human health. Many of these incidents arise from the product not being properly processed during manufacturing, resulting in bacteria such as salmonella to foster.

Jennie-O Turkey store, located in Willmar, Minnesota, produces raw and frozen turkey burger products throughout the country. As of recent, at least a dozen people within ten states have reported sicknesses in relation to their consumption of the company’s products. Upon investigation, the CDC announced that a strain of Hadar Salmonella was found in some of the meat Jennie-O was manufacturing. Hadar Salmonella is a deadly strain due to its resistance to many antibiotics. Twelve individuals have been reported with salmonella infection after purchasing Jennie-O’s products, with three hospitalized. Symptoms of this salmonella infection include vomiting, diarrhea, and abnormal fevers with a slight chance of death if untreated.   After the reported illnesses, Jennie-O recalled 55,000 pounds of meat to prevent further illnesses from spreading, however, there is a slight chance that these turkey burgers could still be within circulation; whether still available for purchase at grocery stores, or purchased but uneaten.The causes of food-borne illnesses arise mostly from the improper processing of meat. In particular, meat usually has a high possibility of infection due to the intricacy of its processing procedures. Slight errors in the process could lead to microorganisms or viruses to flourish within the meat, leading to wide-spread life-threatening infections such as Jennie-O’s predicament earlier this year. If these infections find their way into prone victims, such as toddlers, people with immune system deficiencies,...

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