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For the Fun of It Essay

  • Submitted by: dmv9467
  • on November 12, 2012
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For The Fun Of It: The Video Game Debate
When I think of a video game, I just think of a fun way to interact with the many things I like to do. I never fully understood why some people have so much of a problem with video games. No matter what side you are on, you have to notice how much of a sensitive topic it is. Are video games harmless or are the slowly rotting the brains of us teens. I will explore both sides during this essay.
Ph.D. Richard Gallagher states that time spent on video games clearly affect academics (“Video Games: Cons and Pros”). But some studies show that is not the case. A study part of a huge MSU project shows, “Playing video games had a positive effect on visual-spatial skills. They did not seem to have any effect on mathematical skills. The child can think better in pictures and images due to video games. As a result they may perform better in science, technology, engineering and mathematics”(“Academics Unaffected By Video Games/Mobile Phones”). So even though it may seem as if video games affect academics negatively, that may not be the case. A lot of people judge video games without ever trying them. That is why I will now show what studies have found by actually playing video games.
Co-founders and directors of the Harvard Medical Center for Mental Health and Media Cheryl Olson and Lawrence Kutner held a study where they both tried video games, “Olson started with the PC game Max Payne, which, she says, had an “engaging film noir-style plot” and “lots of shooting.” Later she moved on to Star Trek: Bridge Commander, which turned out to be more realistic than she expected. “I found it really stressful, in my role as the captain, to have the crew members stand there watching me expectantly as I tried to figure out the controls and give them orders before the ship exploded,” she says. With his father, Michael played James Bond games. “He would thoroughly trounce me,” recalls Kutner, a psychologist.” They also looked at teens playing...

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