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Ford Motor Company Essay

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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automotive manufactures in the world.   Their brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Volvo.   They manufacturer and distribute automobiles across six continents (Ford Motor Company, pg 1).   Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford.   It is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.   Henry Ford became famous for his role in the assembly line.   The Model T was the first automobile that Ford created. For the first year of production, Ford was only able to produce a couple automobiles per day.   Within the next couple of years, the demand for automobiles began to increase.   Ford began making a new automobile every one hour and thirty three minutes.   The assembly line was a definite success.   Ford Motor Company survived through the “Great Depression”.   They also made a contribution to World War II by the production of jeeps and medic vehicles to transport soldiers.   For the last ten years, Ford has experienced many changes.   Ford is constantly aligning their needs to keep up with globalization and technological advances (Davis, 2003).

Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched
Globalization and technology has been essential in creating success for Ford Motor Company.   Ford is no longer just producing automobiles in the United States.   Ford has increased their globalization efforts.   They are now producing and operating in locations around the world such as China, India and Asia Pacific.   They have moved some of their operations to less developed countries.   In the less developed countries, many are willing to work for less money. Globalization for Ford means the ability to produce the same automobile in different regions of the world.   This in turn saves Ford’s cost to transport automobiles overseas. Ford realizes the advantage of being in global markets.   Globalization creates growth for the Ford Motor Company....

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