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Forensic Psycholo Essay

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Forensic psychology is a combination of a Psychologist and someone that works in Forensic areas. It involves applying psychology to the field of criminal investigation. Some tasks can involve carrying out one to one assessments of criminals, most commonly sex offenders or offenders being released back into a community, making sure that they do not re-offend or to help attempted suicides, self-harmers or other high risk behaviour to not do it again. Working in rehabilitation centres to help people with anger management and drug/alcohol problems. And to undertake surveys and research projects of how prisoners are treated, for example, bullying in prisons. Providing testimony and evidence in a court case.
A doctoral degree is needed in psychology, most commonly in clinical or counselling psychology. There are a number of schools including The University of Arizona and The University of Virginia offer a degree based around psychology and law. A degree like this would take 5-7 years of graduate study to complete and the admission to get into a doctoral program is very competitive. After the necessary amounts of education, training and experience of being s forensic psychology, The American Board of Forensic Psychology offer some professionals an opportunity to be certified as a Diplomat of Forensic Psychology.
To become a Forensic Psychologist it is needed to be able to work well in team environments, to enjoy or work well with challenging situations. It is needed to have standard knowledge on law and to know how forensics and the law work together and to know an ethical background in forensic psychology. Forensic Psychologists need to have creativity, commitment and patience.
Payments for most entry-level positions for people with a doctorate degree start out between $60,000 and $70,000 per year. Its suggested that the average national salary...

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