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Forensics Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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Fortunately. law enforcement counts with very good forensic technologies that recognize physical features and have helped immensely in the detecting of crime activities in countless occasions, but in the past years technology has only gotten better.   For example, thanks to biometrics and fingerprinting law enforcement has been able to more accurately put the right person behind bars.   Law officers can have a more sense of secure decision making due to these technologies.   Top technologies like iris prints are not only being used by law enforcement to stop crime, but also by airports. Since 2003 international airports like The United Arab Emirates has been using the iris print on all cross border travelers.   By doing so they have stopped about 54,000 people who have committed a crime in some way to re-enter to their country.  

To the eyes of many people recent technology can also sometimes have a negative outcome.   For example, some rental car companies had an integrated navigation system that was unknown to the renter, basically letting the company know every exact street they went to, and at the very exact time and date.   Due to that they were charger, but later on reimbursed a high amount of money.   Obviously, the customer was very unsatisfied.   But, what if something horrible would have happened to the renter?   Like a kidnap, or an accident of some sort?   The company not only would have notified law enforcement but would have been able to tell them exactly where they were.   That is when people should realize technology can help in amazing ways.

Law enforcement now even counts with 3D HD ballistics identification technology.   It is called IBIS TRAX HD3D.   It “enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases”.   By using this latest type of technology many unsolved and yet to be solved cases can finally come to a conclusion.

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