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Forever Play Essay

  • Submitted by: twisted13
  • on November 13, 2012
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New advertisements are released daily; in result, unique advertisements take residency in our minds regularly. Painting a picture in the consumer’s mind is a vital part of success for a business. In addition, convincing the public that a product is a “must have” item is another important trait to attain within advertising and making a business run efficiently. Colors, words, shapes, location, and lighting are expressions of manipulation when it comes to advertising and selling. Thus, well-known companies release new ads constantly to keep a good reputation going for long period of time.   This is what Play-Station does well altogether and is a reason why PlayStation has been successful for nearly eight-teen years. In depth, consumers are granted the senses of freedom and enjoyment within PlayStation games.
The first impression of the PlayStation ad is the ad was targeted towards children from the ages of ten and up. Playground equipment is shown within the ad, along with the statement “let’s play.” This would be known as the pathos of the advertisement, meaning an appeal to the audience's emotions.   There is very little amount of text in the picture itself; however the ad still conspicuous. The photograph emphasizes the
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environment and its sense of childhood emotion. A large sandbox, trees, and very vibrant colors are used to imply peacefulness.  
Furthermore Ethos is appealed as another credible trait to attain in an advertisement.   When an individual sees this ad, he or she may immediately want to play PlayStation themselves due to the subliminal picture and word choice.   This section of the ad gives off a free spiritual emotion; as in a person can never get too old to play video games or enjoy life. The photo in the advertisement gives exactly the urge to make kids want to play PlayStation for hours on end. This picture portrays the playground to be not only for children but for adults as well. Location within the photo seems surreal and...

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