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Foundations of Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: oneuniquemind
  • on October 19, 2013
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Foundations of Psychology
                          Kevin Scott
                        August 10, 2013

                Foundations of Psychology
During the initial introduction of psychology, other sciences like philosophy and biology were determined to be separate in nature. In turn, this started the argument of how to portray the human mind and interpret human behavior. Psychologist sought to classify and clarify the differences of psychology and other sciences. Hence, the different schools of thought that describe the main theories within psychology. This paper will distinguish as well as explain some of those schools of thought that are relative to psychology and examine their major underlying assumptions while recognizing the biological ties to psychology. In the early stage of psychology, most psychologists found himself or herself partial to one school of thought. However, in today’s world of psychology psychologists have a broader and more diverse outlook on psychology. Now they incorporate ideas and theories from a variety of schools rather than being exclusive to a particular outlook. For instance, one of the first schools of thought was structuralism developed by Edward Titchener. Titchener was a student of Wilhelm Wundt and he supported Wundt’s ideas and use of introspection during experiments in the hope of devising a periodic table of the elements of consciousness, similar to the periodic table invented by chemists (Kowalski & Westen, 2011). However, Titchener did not share a belief in all of Wundt’s ideas and began working on his own ideas. Titchener was in the frame of mind that the only way to study the structure of consciousness was through experimentation. This prompted Titchener to institute structuralism. Structuralism consists of breaking down a mental process into its primary form. However, another school of thought sought to contradict the theory of structuralism. Functionalism was another...

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