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Founding Father Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Founding Father Presentation
  Most delegates were born in a wealthy family, first taught by their father or mother, later attended colleges and expanded their knowledge very well. For example, William Samuel Johnson was self-taught, but also studied in Yale and Harvard, he later became one of the president of United States. However, there were a few that were from a common family but eventually worked their way up, for instance, William Few from Maryland only had a little schooling and lived a poor life. But in the future, he became a prison inspector, part of the Provincial Congress of Georgia, and also became the judge for Georgia. This proves that the amount of money you have does not determine the strength and intelligence you have. Facts shown that a large amount of delegates are politicians, and lawyers. They studied law and used their knowledge to often speak in sessions. And there were plenty Federalists that believes in what Alexander Hamilton does. They are usually a governor in their own state that they represent, and had the right to sign the Declaration of Independence although some had only a little contributions to it. They were from different states (small or large) , some from the North, and some came from the South. They gather together in Philadelphia for this convention and the Declaration of Independence. George Washington and James Madison, two of most famous and well-known politicians and statesmen in the United States were both from Virginia. Little people knows that Washington was a plantation owner and a farmer before he became a soldier and, of course, a president. The person I had was John Rutledge, he was a representative of South Carolina, he spoke effectively in the discussion and was well educated in law. He was a Presidential Elector, was part of the Stamp Act Congress. Sadly, his career ended after the opposition against Jay’s Treaty. He was banished by the Federalists-dominate Senate.

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