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Francis Bacon Essay

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Francis bacon was widely famous for his system of “ new learning”, a way of learning based on ideas and debated words rather than known fact of historical events. He was also known for his famous works and inventions in the 1500-1600’s. Francis bacon was born in London, 1561 at York house near the strand in London. he was the youngest of the two brothers, other being Anthony bacon. On February i579, bacons father Nathaniel bacon passed away from bronchitis. Bacons mother Ann Cooke bacon took the loss very hard, she looked at it like a double dose of bad luck for bacon, not only did he loss a father figure, but also a chance at getting an early seat in court. Bacons father was born on 2 January 1647, and died 26 October, 1676 in Virginia.
He was known for leading the rebellion known as the bacon rebellion. On July 30, 1676, Bacon and his makeshift army issued a Declaration of the People of Virginia, on the frontier that demanded that Native Americans living on treaty-protected lands be driven out or killed. On that same year a group of Virginia militiamen raided a settlement and killed some thirty natives. a larger force surrounded and attacked a fortified Susquehannock village, killing the chiefs whom had persuaded to negotiate peace. The Susquehannocks retaliated in force, attacking plantations and killing 60 settlers.
In 1576 he entered Gray's Inn, and in the same year joined the embassy of Sir Amyas Paulet to France, where he remained until 1579. The death of his father in that year, before he had completed an intended provision for him, gave an adverse turn to his fortunes, and rendered it necessary that he should decide upon a profession. He accordingly returned to Gray's Inn, and, after an unsuccessful attempt to induce Burghley to give him a post at court, and thus enable him to devote himself to a life of learning, he gave himself seriously to the study of law, and was called to the Bar in 1582.
Francis Bacon was one of the leading figures in...

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