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Frankenstein Essay

  • Submitted by: eminniek05
  • on February 19, 2012
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While Shelley’s Frankenstein’s refusal to meet his creature’s requirements was portrayed as an abnegation of basic responsibilities, in Whale, this is transposed onto the villagers and their efforts at persecution. These instances of “increased callousness and neglect towards the weak in general”35 grow in force and vehemence in the 1935 film. This suggests that it is the conduct of the masses being held up to scrutiny, not Frankenstein’s irresponsibility, because Whale’s emphasis seems to be overtly upon the mass positioned against the individual (echoes of Metropolis reverberate). Yet, rather than drawing a contrast between one and the other, he reveals their similarity, because the villagers’ persecution of the monster is essentially an attempt to exorcise or suppress their own hopelessness. Fearing their own abjection (possibly at the hands of the aristocratic Frankensteins), the villagers render the monster abject, making him a victim whom they are justified to hate. A “Forgotten Man“, the monster’s destitution is turned against him so that he can be despised as a savage, a sub-human.

Like much of the art and popular culture inspired by the Great War, Whale’s two films exhibit a substantial connection between the shattered physicalities of Wold War One, destruction and renewal. Just as Mary Shelley’s idea of creation emerged from the medical dissection of executed criminals, Whale’s vision of re-animation is a sutured amalgamation of traumas inflicted by subjecting the body to modern warfare. Whale develops this theme further by construing the traumas of the Great War and the Great Depression as plains upon which both the monster and the persecuting masses suffer hardship, loss and abjection, while the scientific elite stands to maintain absolute sovereignty in a broken economy. That is, by exerting complete domination over the way the human mechanism is created, Frankenstein not only utilises the very incidence of hardship by re-animating the dead, but...

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