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Frankenstein Essay

  • Submitted by: aubriannabutler
  • on October 19, 2013
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Repercussions of Alienation
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel that demonstrates the destructive effects of alienation. Shelley’s story is about how Victor Frankenstein creates a sentient being whose atrociousness he cannot accept. In vengeance for this lack of acceptance, the being destroys everything that Victor once loved and the isolation also causes him to commit suicide. Shelley’s work even though gothic and fantastic also is realistic in its resemblance of human relationships, identity, and development she presents. However, the most crucial theme portrayed in Frankenstein is alienation.   Despite the feelings of hatred and disapproval for one another, it is ultimately alienation from each other that destroys both characters.   Shelley’s Frankenstein exhibits the struggles that one endures from isolation, the lengths that one will travel in the quest of their identity, and the unanimous desire for the acceptance from others.

Throughout her story, Mary Shelley shows that the result of alienation can be self-destructive.   She shows the importance of human relationships and interdependence. In the end, Victor and his monster realize that they need one another in order for survival. Without each other, their search for identity is disparaging, irrational, and they have no one or nothing else to live for. Mary Shelley shows the reader that equality and acceptance of others is necessary in humanity. It is our mutual connections and similarities that grant us the ability to either destroy or support one another. Frankenstein demonstrates that understanding and solidarity are essential factors in overcoming hardship and alienation. Mary Shelley correspondingly endorses in Frankenstein how alienating others, and/or alienating yourself, only results in downfall.

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