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Fredrick Douglass Essay

  • Submitted by: annarod1406
  • on January 8, 2013
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Are we present day slaves in America today? Slavery was a common thing in American Colonies. Slaves were people(African Americans for the most part) held to service labor. The slavery era ruined the lives of many families and individuals. Slavery victimized the slaves themselves, the slave holders, and the non slave holding whites.
Slaves were number one in victimization. The Slaves worked long hard days for no money at all. Slaves hardly ever had any free time most of their lives were devoted to their masters. The slaves had little to no values, they had no family. They saw the world completely different from how the whites saw their world. Slaves were stripped, stripped of their own personal Identity. Slaves did not know when, where they were born. Slaves knew not who their parents were, or their place of birth, due to the fact that they were never taught. “The reader will pardon so much about the place of my birth, on the score that it is always a fact of some importance to know where a man is born, if, indeed, it be important to know anything about him. In regard to the time of my birth, I cannot be as definite as I have been respecting the place. Nor, indeed, can I impart much knowledge concerning my parents. Genealogical trees do not flourish among slaves.” (Douglass, 22). Slaves worked hard in keeping and maintaining their masters plantation and land at no cost to their masters and no pay to the slaves. “The improvement of the plantations to the advantage of England sounds so bravely, and seems to Projectors a thing so plausible;... Or as the Masters of Slaves, improve and contrive their Labour to their own best advantage.” (Online Reading, 50). Many plantations grew in size all thanks to the slaves. The slaves never got any kind of credit for the keeping and maintenance of the plantations and if it was not for the slaves, the plantation would look as well as they did. “Whereas the plantations and estates of this province cannot be well and sufficiently...

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