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Free Write

The changes that I listed in my change wheel have effected my life tremendously and I wouldn’t change them for the world. Some of the global changes like the drinking age have not also affected my life. They have almost got me into some trouble but gave me some great times and memories to remember for the rest of my life and maybe even pass on as wise stories for my kids. My changes that have been listed will also make great wise tales and stories for my kids to hopefully learn from and listen to as advice for the world they will be growing up in. The fact being that the world they grow up in will surely be much different than the way I knew it at my age now as the same for my parents. But even though that it was pretty different my parents are still very wise and helpful in most of my life situations. A lot of my negative events became positive just from me learning from my mistakes and the outcomes of those mistakes to make better choices in the future.


My switching to this school changed my entire outlook on school I always hated it and never thought it was useful. I even threw away one year of community college because I hated it. But with this school I feel more prepared more aware and more comfortable with my classes. My confidence is through the roof and I cannot be happier about it. I want to, now that I am comfortable challenge myself even more to learn outside what is being taught to make sure I have the ultimate weapons arsenal for getting a job in this field. I have learned that I am susceptible to change but everything needs to be adjusted for me to adapt and succeed with the change and I feel more confident than ever to make more significant changes in my life. I cannot wait to see the doors this school and more changes open for me later on in my life.

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