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Freedom on Loan Essay

  • Submitted by: seraphxiii
  • on November 13, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Freedom on Loan" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

You are not free, none of us are. If you live on this planet, the amount of freedom you are allowed is controlled by someone other than yourself. Whether it be your government, community, or even your parents. This might sound cynical but it is merely an observation of the nature of humanity and the undeniable truth. We are all governed by the laws of outside forces; some more innocent than others. These facts make the concept of freedom a little convoluted in that we all have a slightly different idea of the freedoms we want, yet our end goals to live in peace without obstruction appear to be the same. I pose this question, can freedom exist for some and not all? This is freedom's contradiction, because until everyone can live free our freedom will always be threatened by someone else.
As Americans we like to think of this as the land of the free, and in comparison to other societies we are granted quite a bit of freedom. However, even Americans are still bound by ideals that might not be our own, but does freedom really mean the absence of rules? To more closely examine that question ask yourself this, would I want everyone to have absolute freedom to do whatever they wanted? What if one persons free choice was to exterminate the rest of us? Given that option, I would say it is good to have some restrictions as it would seem humanity is incapable of living in harmony, without desire to control one another.
I was raised in a very strict household where my parents word was unquestionable law. This kind of parental oppression is where my and probably most others' desire for freedom begins. I believe the only freedoms we posses from birth is that of choice and opinion, but for some reason parents like to try to override them because as we have all heard, “mother knows best.” As a teenager I would proudly display my   freedom by telling my parents off, staying out past curfew, and doing all those other things that minors aren't “allowed” to do. At this point I...

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