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Frida Kahlo Essay

  • Submitted by: dmcbride86
  • on February 17, 2012
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The poem Frida Kahol Comes To Dinner is an interpretation of presence at the party. The poet opens the poem with a statement of her arrival but with it she give the reader an impression of disappointment at the state that Frida has arrived in. “Frida Kahol has come to dinner, late as usual, a little drunk as usual.” The poet uses repetition in this line to emphasize that Frida being late and drunk would not be out of the ordinary, also something that you would just have to deal with.
The poem continues with the line “Scattering fag ash like confetti.” This simile glamorizes fag ash, comparing it with something that is associated with celebration, such as confetti. The poet then emphasizes that Frida lives her life in pain alliterating this with “ Partnered by her perpetual pain.” The plosive sound in this line gives the feeling of anger and pain. The way this is written gives the reader the impression that Frida’s partner to the dinner party is her pain.
However the poet then moves away from the feeling of pain that Frida has , to talk about her love and energy for life. She speak with envy that “ there is more energy in her hair than in my entire body.” The poet emphasizes the difference between herself and Frida with the tone that she uses. She gives the impression that the noise from Frida’s garments when she limps are like a brass band playing, comparing something so small to something so grand. The poet also creates this image that Frida is a bright and colourful person. This is shown in the line “ Transforms her limping steps into a fiesta dance, all rainbow skirts and flashing teeth and eyes.” This line highlights the main thing that you are likely to see at a fiesta dance happening at high speed infront of you, but the irony is that Frida is probably moving slowly.
Changing the tone again the poet continues by talking about the things that Frida doesn’t have time for and how they bore her. Frida would much...

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