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Friends Essay

  • Submitted by: maryjeanthomson
  • on November 13, 2012
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Significant Text Assignment Feb, 12th,2012

Book: Soul Surfer
Author: Bethany Hamilton
" I have this thought every second of my life—Why me? Not negatively, like Why did this terrible thing happen to me? But more like "Why did God choose me and what does He have in mind for me?" - Bethany Hamilton.  
Everything happens for a reason. At times we dont understand why certain things happen to us, but we know that the journey and experinces from our falls and mistakes will guide us to be a stronger person for our future to come. I believe this was the main idea to the statment Berthany had given in her book Soul Surfer .
I read this book when i did a monologue on Bethany Hamilton in my english class last semester. I had an intrest in what bethany was saying to her audience, as well as doing this for the assignment i was given.
I felt like i had a personal connection to this quote because at times i do wonder why certain things happen to me and what journey am i about embark on because of the challenges i am delt with. I believe that my personal experinces have really made me understand the emotional impact this statment has and reminds me how I am emotionally stronger because of the obsticles i have had to overcome in my life. I believe that this statment is something that everyone wonders and wishes there was only one answer too. The signifigance in this, is that we all can overcome the things that seem impossible or lost if we have faith in what we do to overcome them.
"Why did God choose me and what does he have in mind in me." This part had to most reaction out of me because of the curiosity out of this sentence makes me wonder what i have in store for me and my future.

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