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Friends? Essay

  • Submitted by: wpjonesssss
  • on January 7, 2013
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Sometimes, the best friends that leave a lasting impact on our lives aren't just the ones who go with us to parties and are considered our gossip buddies , but the ones we confide our innermost secrets and emotions in. They are the ones we run to for advice when parents don't understand, the ones we laugh with when we need a break from the day-to-day challenges, and the ones we promise that we'll be at each others weddings in the near future. They are the ones we consider our siblings. My best friend is the guy who's heart is filled with love. He is a boy full of enthusiasm. Through his simple and easy thoughts, he has become my role model in many ways. He has made me come to understand the sense of responsibility, care for others, and most importantly, acceptance.
As we both grew, I was no longer able to see him as much and be as close to him considering he was two grade levels ahead of me. He has already been meeting many others in the real world, college. However, he continues to transform my life with his words and actions. I can go to him with whatever problem I encounter in life . He has taught me many lessons in my existence, all of which have molded will continue to mold my life in its entirety. He has affected every aspect in my life; from the way I dress, to the way I perceive life. I consider it as a phenomenal thing because he has showed me the great things that can be accomplished in life, has taught me many great things like to believe, to forgive, and to have faith, and has inspired me to become successful in everything I do.
I went through a rough patch in my life where I felt like it was all crashing down on me. My family had broken apart, my social life was destroyed, and I thought there was no point in even trying to be happy anymore. What I finally realized is it's how you recover from the situation which makes you improve in the future and that you learn from your mistakes. I was in the mode of giving up when I almost didn't realize I was...

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