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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Essay

  • Submitted by: hemhat93
  • on September 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
1.0 History
Earthquakes and tsunamis are devastating. As an example, a recent earthquake and devastating tsunami in northeastern Japan on 11 March 2011 has killed hundreds of people. As a worst case, the earthquake followed by subsequent destructive tsunami, disabled emergency generators required to cool the reactors, leading to nuclear radiation leaks. Over the following three weeks there was evidence of partial nuclear meltdowns  and visible explosions in units 1 and 3. These radiation releases caused large evacuations and concern about food and water supplies. The arising issue now who is to be blamed and what are the possible conflict resolutions on this matter.
2.0 Causes
    2.1 Teleological Ethics.
This approach focuses on believing scientific facts, methods and consensus. The public claims that engineers who designed the reactor obviously did not put up enough safety measures to withstand strong tsunami like that. This shows that they did not fulfill the objectivity of the safety design of the reactor, which led to this catastrophic situation.
    2.2 Social Morality
Social morality emphasizes on believing in patent, collective or predominant good of humanity. As the cooling system failed in the Fukushima nuclear reactor, the internal pressure rose very quickly and the operators had to release out the steam mixed with some poisonous gases. This indicates their recklessness towards the health risk posed to the people around the reactor.
    2.3 Deontological Ethics
It concerns on believing human reason power and personal conscience. Reporters claims that Japanese government was not prepared to disclose the dire situation to the people at first considering their dignity would be tarnished. This shows that the government being silly as the truth will eventually exposed to the public.
2.4 Personal Virtue
This approach is being questioned too in this issue. Personal virtue focuses on believing the need for...

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