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Gaaay Essay

  • Submitted by: pizzalad69
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Elementbook—The Periodic Table Research Project.
Objective: To research an assigned element using online resources and create a “facebook page” poster and paper for your element.
Use the resource links on my website: http://biologyisfun.wikispaces.com (Click on “Long Term Projects”).
Your poster/paper should include the following categories and is worth 150 pts.  
Elementbook—The Periodic Table Research Project. Element Name and Element Symbol (5 pts)
Wall     Info     Photos
*Picture of your element.
Information (10 pts)
  -Network (location on the on the periodic table).
  -Birthdate (year discovered)
  -Current City (city discovered) “What’s on your mind”? – Its abundance and location on the planet. (5 pts)
Friends (10 pts)
-Include small pictures and names of “friends”.
    ---Other elements, scientists, etc.
Wall Posts (25 pts)
-Include at least 7 wall posts from other elements, famous scientists, “friends”.
-Wall posts should include information about   the element (How its used, where you will find it on earth, reactivity, flammability, historic information regarding the element.)

Additional 25 pts: Week of Nov 22nd-24th present your poster and tell about your element
Likes (10 pts)
-Common and commercial uses of the element.
Photos (10 pts)
-4-5 photos of the common uses of the element.
--Include a Bohr Model of your atom.
***Your element’s “info” page should be included as a written report. (It can be affixed to the back of the poster). It should include the following information:
--Physical and Chemical properties of the element (melting point, boiling point, state of matter at room temperature, atomic mass, atomic number, # protons, # neutrons, # electrons, reactivity—show a chemical reaction that your element participates in and the compound produced from the reaction, flammability). (15 pts)
--Historic information regarding its discovery (country of discovery, discoverer, date it was...

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  • Submitted by: pizzalad69
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 349 words
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