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Gac Diary Essay

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Chris goes to a sales call at Schutz and they book one 40ft container to Germany.

To start the day I contacted the distribution centre and told them to pick up the container at a certain place at a certain time. I then made sure I informed the financial area of the business so that they were able to sort out the paperwork and to write it down as a record. After this I made another call and contacted administration to tell them to document the customer and keep the customers detail on file. Finally I sent an email to customer services to tell them to make a note of the emails of this order and make sure they write down clearly what is being expected of us.

Chris has an issue with the container going to Germany and the customer hasn’t got the products ready in time to be shipped.

I was contacted by schutz and they informed me that the order would not be ready in time; this was quite frustrating so I started to try and solve the issue. I began by securing a rescheduled date for the products to be shipped on. Then I phoned administration and let them know that the paperwork needs to be complete. Then to finish the day I had to make a couple of phone calls, the first one was to operations so they could log on and cancel the shipments documents and the second was to contact finance and discussed if we should charge Schutz for there delay.


Chris takes customers to the Sheffield Utd match.   They receive a complimentary meal and drinks.

We took the customers to the Sheffield United game against Leeds, Leeds took the win. But before all this I needed to make sure of few things. Firstly I had to ensure with administration that tickets have been ordered and delivered, they also booked the seats and the meal. Then I had to check with finance that I had enough money to get me through the day and finally I contacted the marketing sector and made sure there aware of the event and check that the sponsorship attracts the...

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