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Game Design Essay

  • Submitted by: KyleD32
  • on August 17, 2015
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Course: 3D Design
Title: NURBS Sailboat
Blender: Version 2.6X
Level: Beginning
Author; Neal Hirsig (nhirsig@tufts.edu)
(April 2013)

NURBS Sailboat on Ocean (Modeling/Animation)

The objective of this PDF tutorial is to model a sailboat using (primarily) NURBS
surface modeling techniques. We will also animate the sailboat using Blender’s
“ocean” modifier.
The video can be viewed HERE.
Open a new Blender file.
Select the default cube and lamp objects and delete them (XKEY).
Select the default camera object and move it to layer 2 (MKEY).
Go to top orthographic view (NUMPAD-7 + NUMPAD-5)
In the notation properties panel on the right, checkmark the Background Image
checkbox and open the panel.
We will use a background image as a guide for modeling the sailboat.

Click on the Add Image button and then click on the Open button.
Select the “Boat-Top-Side-Views.png” file (You can download this file from the
course site) and then click Open Image.

This places the image in the background.
Click on the All Views button and select Top View. This will limit the display of
the background image to the Top View only.
Set the Background image size to 9.0 and set the Y offset to -3.7

This should set the centerline of the top view of the background image to
(approximately) the X centerline of the scene.

In the 3D cursor panel on the right notations properties panel, set your 3D cursor to
X,Y,Z = 0.

Press Shift-A and add a NURBS Surface Curve. (Make sure you are adding a NURBS
Surface Curve and NOT a NURBS curve.

Tab into edit mode
Open the Object Data Editor in the right Properties panel and in the Active Spline panel
checkmark the U and V endpoint checkboxes.

Select the far right control point, press the GKEY and move it to the right tip of the
sailboat as shown below.
Select the far left control point, press the GKEY and move it to the left center end of the
sailboat as shown below.
Select each of the other 2 control points...

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