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Gaming Essay

  • Submitted by: Lauren181061
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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A lot of people don’t think that gaming is cheating on your significant other, but any time your partner spends time and energy on something in a way that detracts from the relationship, that's an affair. The escapism can easily take the form of a video game; that’s kind of the whole point. The alternate worlds and experiences lend themselves to thrill-seeking behavior.   The problem is that people are struggling to connect with escapism, which can have benefits but the downfall is it leads to people feeling lonely and disconnected with people. He is neglecting his wife, because she will try to make conversation with him, and he will be busy having intimate conversations with his avatar wife or having sex with her. In my opinion he is putting too much time in his avatar relationship.   I will be thinking he is having intimate conversations with an avatar, which is controlled by another woman. So he is basically having intimate conversations with another woman, which that leads to flirting and cheating. Gaming can be an affair, because it takes the place of love. So, in my opinion, Rick is cheating on Sue. If my boyfriend had a virtual life and he married avatar and was doing intimate things with her, I would have a problem with that.   If it was a computer avatar, I would think that is weird, but if it was an avatar controlled by another woman that would really upset me. I do not play video games, so I really don’t understand the whole virtual life aspect, but to marry an avatar for fun is ok, but to marry an avatar and you are really in the relationship is not going to work for me. We will just have to break up!

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