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Gaming as a Sport Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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An Expedition to the Undiscovered Country of Gaming

You materialise out of thin air; quickly selecting your weapon out of panic while your digitised squad mates move out at a brisk running pace; you follow in a constant state of focus as you analyse every pixel for the one hidden enemy with a rifle; suddenly your buddy in front of you drops with a notification that SUPER GAMER 4432 just got shot with a sniper rifle; you quickly back up but you are too late and watch with disappointment as a digital avatar falls to the ground in a puddle of pixels. You silently make a mental note to remember where that sniper is and you vow to turn the tables the next round.

Earlier in Term 3 we had CAT/Technology week and to celebrate it we held a gaming competition in which we played for a cash prize as an incentive to participate. We also held a ‘night gaming’ event in which we played throughout the night, starting Friday 18h00 to 08h00 the next morning. Congratulations to all the participants and team CODEX, the winner of the competition. ‘Gaming’ is an odd choice for an event for a subject week but it really was a very good one. One reason is that games are the fusion of the CAT and Technology subjects: Technology, to design the computers and CAT to program the games.

On this topic I would like to discuss the hidden benefits of gaming. A lot of the time gaming is seen as a very bad or uncool activity for you to do. I am here to tell you that not only is it cool, but it can also be good for you. IMPOSSIBLE, you say, but it's true. Here are some of the benefits:

← ‘Gaming’ keeps your mind sharp because you are forced to use it.
← ‘Games’ have numerous concepts that can be easily learnt, including: resource management, teamwork and problem solving.
← Griffiths, a professor at Nottingham University wrote in a medical journal that playing games could help children with attention deficit disorders and research indicates that children gain social skills.
← ‘Gaming’...

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