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Gamma Ray and Our Health Essay

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Gamma ray exists everywhere in our daily live, we also receive gamma radiation through various medium. However, people are not familiar with gamma ray. The knowledge about gamma ray is not as common as that of microwave and radio wave. Therefore, I would like to study more about it and I am particularly interested in how gamma ray causes changes in our bodies. In this term paper, I will not only talk about the destructive effect on our bodies caused by gamma ray, I will also talk about how gamma ray causes constructive effect on our health with suitable applications. After doing this term paper, I will definitely learn more about gamma ray, I will also concern more about the effect of gamma ray on our health.
General characteristic:
To understand how gamma ray affects our health, we have to know the general properties of gamma ray.
Gamma ray has similar properties and nature with x-ray, but gamma ray has higher energy. It has the highest energy in the electromagnetic series, larger than 100keV, which is at least 10000 times of that of visible light. It is because the frequency of gamma rays is the highest among other electromagnetic waves, which is higher than 10^19 Hz. It also have the shortest wavelength, approximately 10^-12m, which is less than the diameter of an atom.
Unlike alpha and beta radiations, gamma radiation is pure energy----carries no mass nor charge. Therefore, It is not deflected, thus it also has less interaction with other molecules.
Furthermore, gamma ray has weak ionizing power because it reacts less with other atoms to remove electrons. Ionization is the process of adding one or more electrons to, or removing one or more electrons from, atoms or molecules, thus creating ions.   This property can be observed under diffusion cloud chamber, gamma radiation produces scattered gamma tracks while other radiations, e.g. alpha radiation, produce thick, straight tracks.
The ionizing power and penetrating power of a radiation...

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