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Gandhi Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Gandhi Essay

      “Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies” (Reader 154). Gandhi used the idea of Satyagrapha to protest and rebel against British rule in India. Satyagrapha is a method of rebellion by that is built around using civil disobedience in a nonviolent way   to achieve idependece There are many examples to the advantage of Satyagrapha such as no killing involved in the protests. Large peaceful marches caught the eye of the British more than violent rebellions did. After Independence was won India was still allies with England instead of enemies. Gandhi and his followers used the Satyagrapha as a means of nonviolent protest and was a very effective method to gain independence from Britian.
Satyagrapha had a positive impact on the road to independence from Britian. If people followed Satyagrapha no killing would be involved in the protest or disobiedent acts. Gandhi says “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”(Gandhi 1982). This quote states how violence is not a useful method to protest, and that peaceful protest is the only way to get your voice heard. Also, the large peaceful protest Gandhi leads by Satyagrapha made the British listen more than violent rebellions did. For example, the salt march changed the taxes on salt that the British had in place, but when violence broke out it just made the British become harsher with no changes to their policies. Lastly, after the peace process was
finished India and the British were still allies, which helped in their struggles between Muslims and Hindus where the British provided support. Satyagrapha was an effective way to gain independence, but also had some negative aspects to it also.
Satyagrapha was not a perfect peace process, and had its own flaws to the methodology. When Satyagrapha was used it took a lot longer time to achieve independence then a military rebellion would have. People following Satyagrapha couldn’t do...

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